Jillian D. California

Gun Control

The U.S. has the highest death rate caused by guns. That death rate could drop drastically if only we had stricter gun laws.

Dear Future President,

 An issue I care about that has been troubling me for quite sometime now is our loose gun control laws. As a young girl who grew up in the south, in states such as Arkansas and North Carolina, I have been exposed to guns and the dangers that they can impose to others. I am concerned that guns are becoming and always have been, easily  accessible and we are not making sure that the guns we are selling are ending up in the right hands for the ¨right use¨. I myself have experienced a situation that involved a man who put a gun in the air, shot it, put the gun to his head and threatened to pull the trigger. Fortunately he did not. That, however, can not be said for everyone who has had access to such weapons. Guns kill more people in the U.S. than in any other country in the world. There are ways to prevent such horrid truths, but yet we refuse, as a nation to take those proper steps forward, into a brighter tomorrow. 

 I want you, as the President of the Untied States, to make this a safer nation to live in. I want you to make sure that the places selling guns are places that specialize in knowing how to handle them. I want you to make sure that before a gun is sold, back round checks are  ordered to ensure that there is nothing in the buyers past that points to the misuse of such objects. Classes should be required, in order to make sure that everyone who is handling a gun, knows the proper way in doing so. Overall, I want you to understand the dangers that guns hold on all lives and how you can make a major difference in making sure that all, if not most, deaths and injuries caused by guns can be avoided if only we, as a nation, are appointed much stricter gun laws.


      Jillian Dalland