Ben F. Texas

National Debt & Jobs

Our national debt is dangerously close to exceeding $20 Trillion, and jobs aren't being created quickly enough.

Dear Next President,

My name is Ben, I am a fifteen year old from Texas. In this past election cycle, more has been made of discrediting the candidates and worrying about scandals, such as tax returns and e-mails, than has been made of actual issues and policies. One subject that has been almost entirely glossed over is the continually rising national debt. As we are within months from the national debt exceeding $20 Trillion, an actual plan needs to be laid out for dealing with this national economic crisis. We owe trillions to China and other Asian countries because we import most of our manufactured goods. Look at almost any article of clothing or manufactured electronic device, and 9/10 items are made in China. One main reason for this is that American-made goods are all but extinct. Manufacturing jobs have left America to go to places like China and Mexico that have lower taxes on manufacturing and virtually no wage regulation. Many of the workers in these factories are paid poorly, which allows companies to keep more money in the pockets of CEO's and investors. Manufacturing jobs largely leaving the United States has not only lead to a lower number of jobs and a higher unemployment rate over the last thirty years, it has also skyrocketed the national debt. Since we have no manufacturers in the country, we not only have to import most of our goods, we also don't send much out to other countries to make profit. A lower GDP helps skyrocket national debt, and less jobs lead to higher unemployment, leading to more people depending on the government for assistance, which raises government expenses. Not only are these people out of work, but now there is more money being spent by the government to keep these people out of poverty. I would like to know what your plan is to decrease the national debt and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.