Police Brutality Texas

Letter to future President

Police brutality must end now for it has raised racial tensions, brought a culture of fear to certain cities, and it has become increasingly prevalent due to the lack of accountability.

   Dear future President,


              Police brutality is a common threat that is starting to become a trend in the U.S. It seems every month we get another incident involving an innocent person get killed by an officer. With movements like the Black Lives Matter protests, desegregation is occurring in our nation yet at a violent cost however. There were a total of 1297 killings in 2014, 1307 in 2015, and 962 so far this year. Among the amount of those killed in 2015, 325 were white, 258 being African Americans, 111 hispanics, and the rest unknown. Most of the time those killed were committing little to no crime and were racially motivated. Often times the main cause has to do simply with race, not with the crime itself. To those affected you may ask? The simple answer is everyone. Whether you're the actual victim, witness the actual thing, or even just heard about it on the news, we are all affected by it. And what is or has been done? Nothing at all. Cops are indicted in less than 1% of killings, while the rate for citizens is 90%. In 2015, of all the killings that took place, not a single officer was charged with the crime. Ways to fix this issue is to have officers wear body cams, to actually obey the 4th amendment, indict those who have gone above the law, and so much more. There are many ways to end this threat but we as a nation must take those steps necessary to end it. May you be the one to end this threat to this nation.