Andrew F. Georgia


Dear Next President,

It affects you, your kids and their kids in a huge way. It affects everyone who does not have a plan set in stone in an even bigger way than Donald trump’s hands. The big problem is……. the spiraling cost of college.

The issue is so big that only the upper class sends their kids off to college! In 2014 the cost of college started to sky rocket leaving many students with insane amounts of college funds. This is making a huge problem and lowering the amount of jobs in the United States of America. And this is why I wrote this letter to ask you? Next president will you help lower the cost of college?

Although some will say lowering the cost of college will result in lower education, Security and lower payment for the workers at the school. This true but with more students graduating collage there will be more people working than that will equal higher GDP according to the lower tuition. But with the amount of people coming through college is going to equal more jobs and a way to get more jobs can be as simple 1 2 and 3.

To raise the jobs in the America we can build a trade center or an airport even a seaport. Not only will this increase jobs by thousands but increase trade and raise GDP. With all the increased jobs will be more money flowing through America again like a river. This will result in an actual raise for the people working at colleges.

In conclusion lowering the cost college will help the United States greatly. So let’s return America to its glory days.