Nick b. Georgia

College Tuition Troubles

We need to lower college tuition.

Dear Next President,

Imagine if you were middle class. Your kid is a hard worker and wants to go to college. Your kid can’t pay for it. Neither of you can pay for it. This is the frustration of many American families. Leaving them thinking why would colleges have the nerves to have such an enormous cost for school. College expenses should be cut.

All of the American families could easily get a loan. But like many smart people would do, they think about the future, and know that it would take them forever to pay it back. Like most of the American people, they might already be in debt. That leaves them with no money for anything else in their life. Just the cost of textbooks has tripled in the past two decades. That should just leave your mind in very deep thought about what happen to the tuition and room and boarding cost.

Something has to be done with the massive cost. I know that a lot of people are thinking that colleges wouldn’t make money if the expenses dropped. I’m not arguing that it should be free; it would just benefit so many American people for it to be lowered. It can simply be fixed by either creating more scholarships or just cut the expenses by 10 to 15 percent.

When I graduate I plan to go college. My main pick is Clemson. I live in Georgia. The out of state tuition is about 175% of the in state tuition. This is a fear I have of not being able to pay. I know it is hard to get a scholarship and I cannot go if I don’t get one. I would really appreciate it if college expenses were nationally lowered.


Nick B.