Astrie F. Texas

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This is just a letter saying that all terrorism should be shown, not just the ones that have a lot of deaths.

Dear future president,

Terrorism is a really big issue. Low death tolls, high death tolls or even none, it should still be

reported on all news broadcast systems. January 6,2015 a bomb exploded outside a building, thankfully there was no fatalities and only a couple of things were knocked off the shelves. This bombing was categorized as a “hate crime” and was only reported on The Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. It shouldn't matter how many people died or in this case, if the bomb ‘failed” as in it didn't kill anybody. It is still an act of terrorism.

Let's say that one of your closest friends almost died in a car crash, would you still want to know? Exactly! Terrorism is terrorism no matter what. Even if nobody dies it should still be broadcasted. People need to know what is going on in their country, so dont hide the news because it seems unimportant.