Colton L. Washington

Renewable Energy

We need a Green New Deal!

Dear Jill Stein,

I am writing to you to show my support for the only presidential candidate that understands the threat of climate change and the need for the United States to fully transition to green, renewable energy as quickly as possible. 

I am deeply concerned about the future of this planet. Fracking, tar sands, offshore drilling, oil trains, mountaintop removal, and uranium mines are causing far too much damage to this planet. I fear that my children, grandchildren, and future generations will not be able to appreciate and see the same earth as I do now. 

Our world is facing both an economic and an environmental crisis. I believe, like you, that a Green New Deal is crucial to solving both of these problems. The Green New Deal will provide tens of millions of jobs to Americans, turning around our economy, and fully transitioning our country to renewable energy. 

I have hope in you. You are the only presidential candidate that I truly believe in. As soon as Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, I sought after another candidate that shared my views, and I found you. It is rare to find politicians that can actually move you emotionally, but you did just that. 

I am very proud to have voted for you this year. My vote has been called by many, a "wasted vote". I disagree. I believe that it is an investment in the future. It is an investment in a party that is truly fighting for Americans rather than the 1%. The Green Party is the future. 

Please keep fighting.

Best Regards, 

Colton Lanning