Evan Minnesota


Poverty is a major issue in today's society, but we are combating it in the wrong ways.

Dear Mr. President Trump,

I think it is fairly obvious that poverty is a big problem not only in the United States but also all over the world. However, nothing really solves the problem. I believe this mostly stems from our current use of welfare. Currently, in the United States there are lots of hoops to jump through in order to obtain a government allowance while unemployed, and even though we have some of the strictest welfare regulations, there is still a large amount of fraud and misuse in our welfare system. Therefore I propose that instead we switch to a program that exchanges work for pay, not simply giving people money because they don't have a job. Jobs like road work, and maintaining public works could be filled with those who would otherwise be on welfare. This new system would be similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps which was created by Franklin D. Roosevelt. A better system, a more equal system where everyone is contributing to society unlike now where some are contributing and others are draining from the taxes of others. If we were to switch to this more accountable welfare system, I believe we would see a huge decrease in poverty. Another bonus of a working welfare is that without a fallback people will try harder. This is simply a factor of the human instinct. We will fight as hard as we can if we know we only have one chance. With this in place we could eliminate billions of dollars from the Federal Budget and use this money to re invest in our country instead of propping up a small percentage.

Thank you,