Insee R.

Stop Deportation !

Not all immigrants are bad. People need to start learning that. They come here to make money for their family and they are trying to keep their family alive.


Dear Next President,

Immigration is more than just border control and the unfair law preventing non Americans from entering the United States of America. It's much more! Many come to the United States for a specific reason and meaning . I mean it's absurd to think someone would go through all the trouble to sneak past intense borders and risk their own life because they want to irritate Americans with their presence. It just doesn't make sense.

Everyday children from country around the world come in U.S. illegally, they do it for themselves or to make money for their family. Other children are abandoned in the desert trying to cross the border. It is important that this is addressed because someone has to do something for their human rights. We need to stop the deportation of adults and children who  are only  trying to get away from abuse, drugs, and violence they suffer in their country and get a better life in the United States. 

For all these reasons, I disagree with the deportation of immigrants because the immigrants people, too.  Most of them are not criminals. Most of them live honest lives and are here to earn honest income for their families back at their countries. 


Insee R.