machaela f. Minnesota

The next president

This police brutality needs to be stopped in this country. But what shoud we do about this?

 October 7, 2016

Dear Next President,

I want the police brutality to stop because there are too many innocent black people dying/getting killed. Police are killing so many innocent black people now a days. We are having so many problems/stories about this now a days. It needs to stop now. There is still racism today with whites not liking blacks and I feel like that’s what it is now a days with these police killing blacks.

I can give you so many examples of this right now. But I will give you two of them. The first one I want to talk about is Eric Garner. This 6foot 2inches and 395 pound man was unarmed. He was choked to the ground by an officer. Mr.Garner pleaded with the officers that he couldn’t breathe but the officer didn’t let him go. He was handcuffed and choked to death; his last words were “I CAN’T BREATHE”. The last story I wanna tell you about is Philando Castile. He got pulled over for a broken tail light. He had told the officer that he had a gun with a concealed-carry permit. He reached for his wallet to show him but then the officer shot him. So he was unarmed when the officer shot him.

If a man is mentally ill then he needs help not to be killed. If one police officer fired his taser at the man why did the officer shot the man. If the man is mentally ill and two officers approached him with a gun and tazer I know he would get scared and start to pace around. Then in a another article i read about Serena Williams. She was scared when her and her nephew where in the car driving and a police car was behind them. She was scared because her nephew is black and was thinking about that philando castle situation. A quote that sparked a lot of people attention is “I CAN’T BREATHE”. The saying/quote came from eric garner when he was choked to death. I feel like the “I CAN’T BREATHE” quote is so important to police brutality because police are not suppose to choke anyone out, maybe put them to sleep but choking them they can’t do. So I feel like the police was wrong to the man after he told him he couldn’t breathe and the other cops didn’t care to stop their partner from choking him even after him telling them.

My plan for this situation is to have police officers have their dash board cam on and have more than one so that they could have a different angles of the situation, as well have their body cams on at all times when they are on a call. I feel like they should get put on leave without pay because they killed a person that wasn’t going to harm them. I hope you make this world a better place and have a nice four years in office.


Machaela Franklin