AJ California

Dear Future President

My letter to the next President

I have some concerns that I’d like to address with you. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this.

There is many issue that our country faces, but for me immigration is one of the most important, It’s very close to me because I come from a family of immigrants. I feel so strongly about this topic because I know why people come to our country. People who immigrate to the United States are coming here to make a better life for themselves. They came here to pursue the American Dream just like everyone who ever came across the sea. There is opportunity here that most countries don't have, we can be whoever we want and pursue whatever life we want. That's our rights as Americans, there is no reason we should stop people from achieving that. Many can argue about that they're stealing our jobs, but this is much deeper than what most people with a bias against immigrants can understand. A larger number of Mexican immigrants who are working here, are doing incredible arduous labor that requires them working hours in the heat for minimal pay. This is something that most American's won't do. Immigrants take the low paying jobs leaving Americans who had to do 12 years of school, a greater push to pursue their higher standards of life. 

Deporting these people will do nothing but leave giant gaps in the employment field, yes unemployment is an issue, but if send all these people who did the unwanted jobs out of our country that'll leave us with overqualified Americans having to work in the fields where the immigrants once were stationed. Someone who took 12 years of school, will want to pursue more than laborious work that these immigrants once endured. 

As a President you need to speak about peace and unity, we can’t live off of the thoughts and ideals of someone who ridiculed an entire group of people. We need to let the immigrants who are currently living here illegally, gain easier access to becoming a citizen. If we don’t they will to continue to bypass laws and not pay their taxes. They want a better life, we shouldn’t stop them from achieving that. 


AJ Torres