Chase P. California

Gun Rights

I want to express my issues and thoughts on our gun rights

Dear, President of the United States

My name is Chase Piercy, and I want to let you know what I expect from you being our president. I think our gun control is a big issue. I believe that our guns should never be taken away from us. As of right now our guns are being taken away because the wrong people are getting their hands on them.

I think if you really thought about it you would realize that taking our guns away is also taking away our safety. If a “bad guy” really wants to get a gun they will be able to do just that, but for us normal Americans how do we protect ourselves from that?

Build a stronger background check on our people buying guns. Do they have a violent criminal record? Have they purchased a gun before? Any gun related injuries? And there are many more that will help us figure out if they can have a gun or not.

Yes, i understand the point of taking them away. You think taking them away from everyone will lower gun related deaths, which yes i agree it probably will. What you dont realize however, is that because the gun kill rate goes down people are just going to use other weapons to kill. Are you going to take our knifes away from us too?

So again I think you, as the next president, should take in consideration these things and just add stronger background checks to our gun buys. Taking away our guns jeopardizes our safety in the long run. Criminals will be criminals and get guns whenever and wherever.


Chase Piercy