"There's nothing different about me"

People being bullied on appearnce.

I'm sure we've all seen the headlines. Kids are bullied every day. Bullying is horrible and inhumane. And it can ruin the victim’s life. 77% of students in America are bullied. 8 in 10 kids are punished because they are different from some stereotypical normal that is supposed to be “perfect.” I have been one of those 77% to feel that because I am “different” I am bad. So as the leader of our country for the next 4 years, here’s what you need to know about the youth. And the way that you impacted them.

On your campaign, you made it clear time and time that America needs to be made great again. But before June 16, 2015, the bullying rates were down, because of the efforts made by Michelle Obama. But after you started campaigning, news sources such as CNN or the New York Times reported that bullying was going up, specifically against people who weren't white, male, straight, or fully-able. CNN reported during this time, that 18-year-old Brandy Vela tragically died, by committing suicide because bullied her into thinking that she shouldn’t be her. She wasn’t in this category of “perfect,” and she was died because someone made her think that was bad. This should and can’t happen in this world. But this can be the effect of bullying. That is what it can do to people.

Bullying is caused by so many things, but one thing that has been a long-time causer is on the way that someone looks. And it shouldn’t be that way. It was June 16, 2015 that you started campaigning for the 2016 Presidential Election. From the time of the Obama’s speech to around the time you started campaigning bullying rates went down, and in response the First Lady made it her point to stand up against bullying.The New York Times has compared the bullying rates of this past year to the same levels as after the terrorist attack of 9/11.

A survey was made on a website called Teacher Tolerance, and 2,500 reports were made of students harassing kids worse than before, about a month ago. The same time that you got elected. So these youth listened to you. Those children are listening to you. So if you can make the change, you can help millions, and I mean millions, of americans who are being bullied. Because their different. And you can change that, you can lead by example. You just have to accept that we are all people, all americans. And no one should be bullied or hurt because of that. If you make that clear, you can save lives.

You have made it clear in your campaign that people who are muslim or of that descent are bad people. You made fun of a disabled journalist. You opposed same-sex marriage. You believe in male superiority. And you call the people who are those traitors. But they are a part of the country you are about to be the head of, and people will look to you. So as the leader of the country for the next four years, will we be We the People, who stand united, or will we be a divided nation? It’s your choice to be who you are, but as the President, think of ALL of America’s citizens, not just the ones who want to be here. What kind of President do you want to be?


Gracie Lockwood