Zev D. California


Strengthen our borders

Zev Dweck


Minarets High School

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Hello, my name is Zev, I am a senior at Minarets High School. I am coming to you about a very important issue that we have in our country. We have a very big problem with immigration in our country, thousands of illegal aliens pouring in almost everyday. I believe that we need to strengthen our borders and get complete control of who we’re letting into our country.

My first reason for strengthening our borders would be because a lot of the illegal immigrants are bringing drugs into the country. This is very dangerous to the citizens of the U.S. These people that are bringing these drugs in are not only taking them but selling them as well. This makes for very dangerous situations.

My second reason for strengthening our borders is that illegal immigrants are hurting our economy. They aren’t paying taxes, if they need to go to the hospital the hard working, tax paying Americans are having to pay for their medical bills. To me, that is not fair to anyone, it’s hurting the economy. My final reason for strengthening our borders is because the illegals that are coming into our country are taking jobs. This is also hurting our economy, taking the unskilled and some skilled jobs of American people.

All of these are what I believe are perfectly good, eye opening ideas as to why we need strong borders. Again, thousands of illegal aliens, drugs and danger to the American people, non-tax paying people, we’re paying for them and their medical bills, taking jobs. I hope that you can take this into consideration and our borders will tighten up and we can make our country safe and rich again.


Zev C. Dweck