David N. California


Pollution is an issue that needs to be put to and end as soon as possible

Dear Future President,

     Pollution has been a major problem. Thousands of living organisms are dying because of pollution and this needs to stop. If the ocean is polluted, our water supply would go down and we would not be able to enter the ocean. Pollution needs to come to an end as soon as possible or else more damage will be done.

     Pollution not only harms humans, but it also harms creatures living in the ocean but it also damages wild animals that eat creatures living in the ocean. Guess who consumes those animals. Yes. Us humans. But water isn't the only thing we're polluting. Look at the air in Beijing. Over 4.6 million people die every year because of polluted air. People are buying air tanks to avoid breathing in the deadly air.  

     We can start restoring the earth by cleaning our oceans. First, we would need to take out all the dead fish. After that, we would need to take out all the trash and objects causing the water to become dirty and polluted. Next, we have to figure out how to extract the poisoned water. Lastly, we have to influence people to keep the water clean so we don't have to go through the process of cleaning the ocean again. 

     This planet is getting trashed by us humans and this needs to come to an end before more damage is done. To fix this issue, we need to get rid of all the dead fish, take out all the trash that has been thrown into the water, and extracting the poison from the water. If you put some time and effort into this problem, I'm sure our oceans will be clean once again.






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