Boden Maine

Don't Be Stupid

How you speak and act is a reflection of our country.

Dear future president,

Don’t be stupid, that's my advice. Especially don’t say stupid stuff about other countries because we are going to get nuked by North Korea if you do. Actually watch them though and don’t send our nuclear codes over an email because they are going to take them and nuke everybody. Also don’t hold a grudge with Mexico. They are on are border and a war is the last thing we need.

When we fight ISIS we need to continue airstrikes on their oil field. And if ISIS comes up in a search engine a text or any other communication they need to be put on a watch list. Then we need to check their recent history to prevent mass shootings and/or bombings as well as new recruits to ISIS Etc.. We need to crack down on illegal immigrants and drugs but not in the form of a wall. We need to have a better border patrol with four man groups in trucks hired by the government to patrol the border in their own sections.

We need to pay attention to the environment. If the earth is unhealthy wars won’t matter, we will die of pollution. We need to focus on controlling pollution and saving the animals. We need to drive hybrids and plant trees.

Just think things through and we will be fine. That’s what I have to say. Thank you for taking time to read this.


Boden S.