Madison R. Ohio

A Not So Happy Ending

Paper cups, aluminum cans, and soda rings lay scattered on coasts and in forests. They kill the wildlife living among them. 100,000 animals die primarily from pollution in the environment. How much will that number grow if we don't change?

Dear Next President:

With all the complications and complaints regarding ocean and environmental pollution, I am sure you have heard a thing or two about it. But have you found a solution for it? Have past presidents pushed this problem to the side? Pollution is one of the most ignored subjects one must face, and as we continue to ignore it, more and more heaps of trash build up along coasts, in oceans, and in forests. This is why we must do something.

Think about it. We’ve only discovered about 5% of the ocean, and in that 5%, we’ve collected about 5.25 trillion pieces of trash and counting. If you comprehend how much that actually is, you can conclude that our ocean is very dirty. And since plastic objects floating in the ocean take nearly 500-1000 years to completely decompose, the garbage patch will only get bigger and bigger.

Another point I'd like to make is that a healthy ocean makes a healthy environment. When you go to the beach, you do not want to be bombarded with scraps and cans. And when you're swimming, you do not want to be stepping on glass shards and plastic chips. It makes the experience unenjoyable. This is why cleaning the ocean would help us as people and also will promote a fit habitat for animals as well.

In our situation, the wildlife is the real victim. We think it's okay to trash the water and coasts when it's not even our home, it’s theirs. Sea turtles have been unable to lay their eggs on beaches because of the trash buildup, and birds and fish are dying of suffocation from soda rings. Animals are dying because we are destroying their habitat and it is not okay.

This is why I am promoting some solutions. A small first step would be to add more trash cans along the coast. This will promote people to throw away their trash more instead of leaving it on the sand where it will make its way to the ocean. Our next big step would be to create more ocean and beach clean up clubs where kids can volunteer their time to pick up trash on the shore.

I hope this letter offered some suitable solutions on how we can clean our oceans and polluted beaches. And also showed you that this is a real problem we are facing that can not be ignored and will not be pushed off to the side anymore.



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