Megan V. California


Feminism is important in the world today because women are still not treated with equality. There is a wage gap preventing women from earning as much as males.

Dear Future President,

Women make up half of the population in our country. Yet, they still are not treated with equality. While great steps have been made for women and their rights, they still are treated as inferiors towards men. Various things prevent women from truly reaching equality with men such as stereotypes. Women have been confined to the predetermined ideas that affect the way they are viewed in society. Enclosed in this letter are photographs depicting the differences between a woman who is burdened by ancient stereotypes and one who refuses to accept those labels.

Many people believe that women are less intelligent than men. Think of the example of a nurse. Nurses are typically thought of as being women. A census done by the 2011 American Community Survey found there to be only 9 percent of nurses being male while the other 91 percent were female. The idea of women being caring and kind makes them become more eligible for a position as a nurse as opposed to a doctor. By having young girls be exposed to this predetermined idea of how a girl should act and what career she should go into, that child has a limited outlook on what she can do. This can influence her whole life.

 The 2011 American Community Survey found there to be a gap in the wages earned by the male nurses and the female. For every dollar that a male earned, a women earned 91 cents.

Though people think that the world is completely open for women to go out and make something of themselves, they are limited on what they can do because of fears that they have of being rejected by the world.

 It should not be this way. Women are equally as strong as men. They are able to think for themselves and hold their own in the world. They work hard to earn money and should recieve equal pay for the same jobs.

Feminism exists to empower women and show the world what they are capable of doing. By showing the contrast of different women who were affected by different things that they were told as children, it is clear to see that by promoting equality in all fields benefits the overall health and well-being of a society that is deeply influenced by predetermined labels and ideas.


Megan V

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2A

High school English IB course

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