Paloma M. Nevada

Everything is not black & White


Dear Future President,

         My name is Paloma Martinez and I am writing to you about a topic that I feel very passionate about, and that is abortion. We have a society that is divided into two when it comes to the subject of abortion. They are either for or against it, and I think this is because many are ignorant to the reasons behind why many women want an abortion. I myself used to be totally against abortion because I would think how can someone do that, that is murder. Then as I started growing up I started realizing reasons as to why people go through with abortions, and slowly my mind started changing. In my heart I still feel abortion is wrong, but in my mind I also realize why in certain situations it's the best way to go. 

       The world isn't only black and white , but different shades of grey. Just like there are different situations, and reasons to everything. Society can't put a right or wrong on abortion, just like we say murder is okay in self dense there are certain exceptions to why a women would have an abortion. Exceptions like a certain disease the child might have and the parents know they are not ready for that, or cases where the woman has been raped. Why should society force a women to have even more of a constant reminder of such a traumatic event. In many cases those children end up hated by their mothers because they are reminded of what happened to them. It is not right, just like abortion isn't always right. I believe that there are only certain limited reasons as to why abortion would be okay, but besides those I wouldn't see a reason to abort when there are so many parents who can't have kids and would like to abort. There is no complete right or wrong to anything it depends on the situation, and abortion is one of those things. 

      Cases like Roe v Wade make it clear that a women's body is part of her privacy therefore she has the choice to decide whether or not she should abort. I completely agree with that, but with limits of course, just like in everthing else. I don't think people who say there is no need for abortion because there is always adoption realize the great problem that adoption holds. Many kids given up for adoption end up in foster care for years. Most of them never find a permanent home they're just put into different foster cares until they turn 18. Sometimes adoption is a worse solution than actual abortion. Someone shouldn't bring a child into the world unless they know for sure they're going to be loved and taken care of. My believes are that you can't judge someone or say what they are doing is wrong unless you've been in that situation, and know there is a better way out. 

         Why are we so okay with killing prisoners on death row, but call women murderes when they decide to not have a child that reminds them of a traumatic thing that they had happen to them? It is totally contradicting. If we have exceptions to when it is okay to kill someone, and it is seen as okay through the eyes of the law, then there should be the same thing with abortion. We talk about equality all the time, so it's time to apply equality into our laws as well. I believe abortion should only be a crime when it's done just to get rid of the child. When there is no actual reason behind it. To me a reason behind things is worth more than the actual action itself. I feel as if the reason this topic is so contoversial and hard to come up with one solution  because people don't see the reasons behind it. They either side with it's bad or it's the women's choice they don't stop and think there could be a compromise between both ideas. There needs to be lines drawn as to when it is okay to have an abortion and when it is not okay, and the President needs to draw that law no matter how controversial the topic is. 

                                                                     -Paloma Martinez

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