Rachael L. Montana

It's a baby and baby's body

Abortion is not okay it is first degree murder. You say its your body but the baby growing inside of you has it'sown body and has a future that are affecting.

Dear Future President,

These days young teens have become more irresponsible in the way of not using protection when having sex. I believe that if a young teen gets pregnant that she should not be able to kill an innocent child but carry the baby all the way through and when it's born if she doesn't want it then put the baby up for adoption.

In the world we live in today some women can't have children, its very sad to think about. They would do anything to have a child, and then you hear about people having abortions, doing this is sickening. I have a really close family friend, and she and her husband have been trying to have a baby for so many years. If fact infertility is very common for many married couples. About one of every 10 women in the United States younger than 45 years old has problems with infertility.

In today's world, teen couples and teen girls think it’s ok to get an abortion, because of people in the media and politicians making it look ok. Many other famous people give the impression that it’s ok, it’s normal, or even they've done it. It’s not ok the baby growing inside of them is not there body it may be inside them but it’s not them. That’s what most people don’t understand and i think the world needs to know that if you want an abortion then you are committing first degree murder you are killing a human being.

Abortion is a very touchy subject for some people because of things that have happened in there past and others just don’t care. Teens all over the country are being told that this is ok, it’s not, it’s the opposite of ok and everyone needs to hear this… “I am PRO LIFE”. I feel like you Mr./Mrs. President you could help this cause.

What could you do about this… well you have the power help teens and adults all over the country realize that abortion is wrong educate students and teacher and everyone thats its not ok. Start programs for young parents and help them get through this and if in the end they still don't want the baby they can give it up for adoption, they can give the child a new start because there are lots of couples out there that would love a child.

So please Mr./Mrs. President i’m begging you help make abortions illegal and help bring adoption to the forefront, showing it as a help to someone that wants a child. It’s now up to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay. Please give hope, you can help my cause.


Rachael L.