Stop Abortion

Abortion should be stopped.

We have a lot of problems in our country, but one of the worst ones is abortion. Abortion is notjust a problem, it is a crime. We punish murder with imprisonment, but women are free to get abortions. This is murdering a child, an unborn, innocent child. They did not chose to be made and are paying the price for our mistakes. Hiding behind the excuse of “I’m not ready for a child” is complete and utter nonsense. If you were not ready for a child, then you should not of had sex in the first place. You're stupid decision is now costing a child's life. If you wanted to have sex that badly, go to the dollar store and buy a condom.You shouldnt even be having sex anyway, but you did and now you’re stuck with choice and the kid you made. Think about what that child could have become. They could have been the president one day, or engineer a spaceship to take us to another plant. That child could have cured a deadly disease or invented something that could change the world. Instead, that child is dead and will never accomplish anything. The murder of a child is a terrible, terrible thing. Why should we support such a thing? The answer is, we shouldn’t. Stop abortion.

Ripon High School

English I Honors

Students from Mrs. Valponi's English I Honors class

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