Abby B.

It is Time to End the “Us” and “Them” Epidemic in America

American way is going away. American is ripping itself apart from the inside because people are not appreciating diversity - but fighting it.

 “The Muslims will bomb all of America when they get the chance.”

“Those gays are ruining the sanctity and importance of marriage.”

“It’s not our fault the Blacks keep killing each other.”

The previous statements have all been stated many times here in America, the “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave,” but America will never be free if its citizens do not discontinue the dangerous trend of alienating others and marginalizing minority groups. America is on the brink of imploding and destroying everything it was built to protect because people of every race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and walk of life are not conjugating to form the diverse “American Soup” but are separating themselves from other not like themselves. As President, one has the responsibility of communicating to the public the societal goals of the entire governing body, meaning the President has more influence than any other individual in the United States. The winner of the next election has the crucial and difficult task of restoring the social unrest in America’s modern society, a society of hate crimes, mass shootings, and lack of veracity. 

To be an effective President, one must promote valuing diversity and celebrating differences without creating a “them” atmosphere. As a word of advice, do not pass laws allowing widespread discrimination, do not tolerate political corruption, and most importantly, do not ignore the underlying problem of discrimination during times of fear, the times of the most vulnerability and violence. When people are afraid, they become angry at anyone who is seemingly close to those causing the fear. Anger causes violence which causes fear which reinstates the vicious cycle. The President must console the afraid and protect the vulnerable because teaching tolerance and appreciating, instead of hate and violence might just save one of the greatest nations every created. The American people need to unite, and it is the next presidents job to unite them.