Yahaira Nevada

Do you genuinely love America?

It seems like Hillary and Donald are just like cats and dogs fighting for a position. A position to just have but not be determined to move America forward.

I am writing this letter not just because my teacher is making me, but I have one overall question to ask you. Do you genuinely love America? I ask this question to not just get an answer of "yes," but to further explain what the question is asking; just think while reading the rest of this letter. The question "do you genuinely love America", is a question I have because many Americans ask questions about topics, such as immigration. For example, "what actions as future president, will you take upon immigration?" You may answer what actions you may take when it comes to not just immigration but any topic at hand. When becoming president, you have to be determined to make America the best it can be. I feel like all you want is the position of the President of the United States. Many laugh at the points made by both of you, and it seems like Americans don't take either of you seriously at all. ]You are making the presidency seem like it's a joke because all you did throughout the presidential debates was mock one another. I ask you again, do you genuinely love America? From my point of view America will fall unless it's led by someone who isn't determine to move America forward.

Canyon Springs HS

Mock Trial

Senior Magnet Students

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