Darlene & Cesar Nevada

Lowering College Tuition

College tuition has often been a border between people attending college or not. We want our new president to encourage college education and work with us to lower its cost.

Dear future President,

Our country is raised by leaders who are wise and educated. The future of America will always rest on younger generations. How can we insure that our future leaders are educated when the cost of college tuition has increased by 1,120% since 1978. Students are constantly told to go to college and pursue a career, but are discouraged at the sound of how expensive only a year of college could potentially cost. When students begin to take out student loans, they have to at some point pay back all those thousands of dollars. Once we have completed our college education, we are still stuck in debt with all the money borrowed. That debt can then affect us in terms of credit.

Students who pursue going to college are fighting to keep their educating going and to be able to set up a future for themselves. It has been said that it actually costs more not to go to college, however it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. If college tuition was lowered, the number of high school students attending college would rise. That means more educated citizens. More business to open, more employees to hire. Less families living in poverties, less families who live a meaningless life. What more could we want for the future of America?

We are not asking for free college tuition, but for a lower one.

From personal experience we want to attend college in our same state, but different city. That means we would also have to spend money on trips there and back, personal items, food, housing ,necessities such as books, etc. We are only 17 years old, getting ready to leave high school. We are challenging ourselves with attending college in another city, our only barrier? College tuition.

We strongly urge you to look into this topic. Thank you and congratulations on your election. 

Canyon Springs HS

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