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The Real America

I hope the president is reading this. I hope whoever the president is going to be, I hope they will do something good for this country. I hope the president realizes our real needs and doesn't pursue their own. I hope he or she realizes this isn't just about America's dignity, this is about our world, and our deeds, but that's just what I hope, and I am not sure if our real needs will come to a reality.

The Real America                                                                                                                                                     

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I say thank you, for believing in this country, and not losing hope. Though sometimes we imagine what America should be or could be but do not imagine what it really is. We don't need a wall, we don't need to send any more troops to other countries. These countries spend billions of dollars on war and not a single dollar on each other. There are tons and tons of homeless people on the streets, many are the very people that fought for this country, most of them are people who are disabled. World War One was fought for many reasons, yet it was also fought for none. It wasn't just a fable. It was "A war to stop all wars". All it did was create grudges of war for countries and stop none. Why can't we all get along? Is it due to ignorance and greed? Well, we didn't need to have won because we have also just made other humans run, from fear of each other, and of the monsters we have become.

Yet we do see people helping other people. For this I am grateful and for the rest of us, addicted to our belongings and our money I am ashamed. With the horrible things, we have done in the past, some not very long ago, on America, on the soil you step on right now, there were concentration camps and battlefields, murder and enslavement, men thought their color defined their class. That is the past we shy away from. People say we learn from mistakes, people also say history is repeated. If you help everyone give, there will not be a reason to take. I suggest America takes a break, stop the wars and look around you, at least lift an eyebrow, what did this land look like in the past and what does it look like now. 

Mr. or Ms. President, I hope you create a great era for America, hopefully, better than anyone ever could, but that's just what I hope. Your followers have given you your votes and now it's time you give back.



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