Danielle D. Nevada

Guns in America

Americas homicide and gun violence rates are at an all time high.

Dear Future President,

       The gun violence rate in the U.S. cannot be compared to any other country. This is due to the fact that we hand out guns to people like candy on Halloween. Nothing is being done to control the guns or the people behind them.

        Gun laws and restrictions should be a new priority for us. Our neighboring countries and even those further have a system which seems to work and it might be a good idea to borrow some of their ideas. They require gun owners and buyers to show “license, registration, a reason for purchase, safety training and safe storage, but we require none of those”. We have the Second Amendment which states we have the right to bear arms throughout the U.S., although some states do carry out stricter gun laws, which is a good start. “Gun deaths are a big reason America has a much higher overall homicide rate.”The gun violence rates are through the roof this isn’t the first time this has been said and won’t be the last if we aren’t able to control guns with laws and restrictions.

       On the other hand, some people think guns are needed, they say that “these shootings would happen less frequently if even more people had guns, thus enabling them to defend themselves from the shooting.” Having the opinion of the people in this country is important but I see no reason to believe that having more guns means less shootings is true. If more people had guns and they were defending themselves from other guns people are still using guns in an act of violence which would only increase the gun violence rates, “higher gun ownership rates do not reduce gun deaths, but rather tend to coincide with increase in gun deaths”.

       With that being said, stricter gun restrictions need to be put in place if we ever want to lower these rates. Requiring license, registration, a reason for purchase, safety training and safe storage will bring forward responsible gun owners who follow these rules and guidelines to owning guns so they don’t end up in the hands of wrong people.

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