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Students Buried Alive Under Debt

The scary causes of college students are affected by. Will, or can the next president fix the tremendous debt that comes along with college? Or will it be swept under the rug like the many other times.

Dear .President

Dazed and confused is how most seniors are feeling at this very moment. Why you ask? Well many students are soon going to have to face the horrors and worries that come along with colleg. I'm not talking about grades or where they should attend. No, they are sadly worrying about how they are going to pay for college. With such extremely high tuition cost, and outrageous debt that will follow them into their coffin many are thinking college just isn't for them.

Most students sign off their souls to student loans hoping for the best. Little do they know, student loans will do them more harm than good. Due to the rapid growth of inflation, this forces students to take out loan after loan. Before they know it, students are buried in stacks of debt until death do them part. In other cases, after students have put themselves into such a grate bind with debt they tend to drop out because they just cannot keep up with their payments. Now they are left without the degree they need, that enables them to get the job they want to pay off the very loans that captured them into this mess of a system.

Now the big question is, why does a college degree cost so much? Well, in many cases it’s not the degree itself that cost so much, which is very unordinary. Many are assuming it’s fraud being passed out by the very colleges that smile and say they support every child, and dream. Recently many colleges are admitting that college cost so much due to the reliance of funding. Funding is put in place to ensure safe facilities, that are in tip top condition so students are drawn in to attend their school’s. John T. Dunlop seems to disagree. When talking with The Crimson, student newspaper, he shared, “More than forty years later, tuition at American colleges and universities continue to surge ahead, much faster than the inflation.” If you take that into mind, don't you think that is just a little out of the norm? If you take Harvard into consideration, this fall Harvard’s annual tuition cost roughly 45,278 dollars. That is not including a living space. If you actually tracked the tuition rate, it would only cost around 15,189 in fees. That is a gigantic gap. Not even a rich student, just graduated from high school can afford that. Professor Ray Franke, professor of education at the University of Massachusetts, Boston also states that "If you look at the long-term trend, [college tuition] has been rising almost six percent above the rate of inflation.” Dear president of the United States Of America, with all these facts and evidence, we should be doing something major about this problem and stop shoving it under the floorboards. Create some type of budget to ensure colleges aren't charging too much money. We must do something before our youth suffers even more.

Ever since inflation and maybe even fraud caused by colleges has been rapidly rising tuition cost, and tacking on extreme student debt. The big idea of free college has been circulating. It may seem like a sweet idea to most american students going through or about to go through college. But if you weigh the pros ands cons, that is not the case at all. Colleges won't necessarily be free like most think. The money has to come from somewhere. That somewhere is out of our taxpayers pockets. Since cost will solely be based upon how much taxpayers want to spend on colleges, this may lead to low funded schools, with teachers that meet to those low budget standards. So in many ways students are still suffering. We must gather as a nation to fix this problem, or else our future doesn't look so bright in the eyes of education.

Students wanting to better their lives, with a thirst for knowledge should not be contemplating going to college just because of college cost. In the eyes of our nation that is ridiculous. Are we not the land of opportunity? We need to fix the obvious scams being caused by universities, and send out a expert to carefully examine how college are spending their students money. Inflation has been a giant problem in America for awhile now. But facts pointing to colleges frauding people? We can solve that with budgets put in place by our government that is there to help our nation.

Sincerely A.K.

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