Maeryn S. Wisconsin

Child Abuse

People should stop abusing children

Dear future President,

Many kids around the world are being abused or burial injured. All kids have an impact in our future and be abusing them or beating them to death is going to hurt our next generation of kids. There are 3 types of child abuse neglect, physical, and sexual abuse. In 2013, nearly 679,00 children are victims of child abuse, 18% physically, 9% sexually, and 80% are neglect. Meaning neglect is the most common abuse for children. Most children being abused are female, while majority of abusers are men that don’t care about their children, or how they are related. The exact number of people that are being abused is unknown for the fact that children sometimes lie about it because there parents said so.

Nobody really knows why parents abuse their kids but it needs to be stopped. Studies show that parents who are very young and don’t have enough education on children and how their brains work have a higher chance of abusing their kids/kid. Also single parents have a higher chance of abusing their kid as well. Sometimes kids are abused because in their culture they are very violent and out of control and you have to learn and toughen up for physical abuse. Mental illnesses like, bipolar, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse are also a problem that accuses in most cases of child abuse.

One of the most problems with the effects of child abuse is depression. Most children who have been abused have soon anxiety problems, depression, self destructive, and difficult interacting with others. Children being abused that have broken bones or bruising, these will heal; however, emotional scarring may remain. Children even as the age of 3 may show signs of depression if abused. Child abuse needs to be stopped for the sake of our next generation for not being antisocial and broken down by their childhood experience.