Logan A. Missouri

Stoping Animal Abuse

Why is animal abuse a thing that isn't being punished

When people hit or hurt or do worse even kill animals it is really messed up. They only get fined I feel like they should get a worse punishment than just that. I feel like the people that do that should at least get a month of jail time at least. People do it just so they can get away with not doing being good people because that is limited in the world. People who abuse animals are cruel mean people that probably have nothing to do than be complete doo doo heads. The effect this has is it makes animals just not like the person or people in general so they can't have good lives.

"For as long as men massacre animals  they will murder each other"- Pythagoras        http://www.peta.org.uk/blog/16-quotes-from-famous-thinkers-who-got-it-right-about-animals/

Nearly 1,000,000 animals a year die from animal abuse which is going to eventually Make them go extinct and stuff go wrong. If you think about it animals can help with depression and fear. Animals like  dogs and cats get abused everyday for no apparent reason. Once animals go away depression and horrible stuff will rise and those people just get a fine and a little jail time, They should get a lot of jail time and get something that never let's them get a puppy.