Maddie E. Michigan

Stop the Hate on Muslims

Stopping the hate on people who don't deserve it!

Dear Future President of the United States,

Racial issues have had a long history in the U.S for hundreds of years, sadly I can’t speak of all of them since that would be a whole book, so I’m going to focus on one of the main and popular issues, Islamophobia.

One of the things that has always bothered me is the fact that a peaceful religion such as Islam has been targeted recently in the past 15 years with hate crimes. These hate crimes have statistically been done by the uneducated white Christian men of the world. Many people do not know that less than 0.0002 people have been killed by Muslims, so this fear is really just irrational!

Another fact that has been proven is Muslims are as much against many terrorist groups as you're. A large group of Muslims are even apart of anti-violence groups to help stop crimes being committed against people. Even youth groups have tried to make a difference in this world of hate, and honestly Muslims want to stop terrorism as much as you do, or even more.

What is also equally important is that Muslims are huge in fundraising and human rights. Last year Muslims raised 30,000 water bottles for the Flint water crisis, and people still say that they are a radical group of people. They also raised 200,000 dollars to help rebuild burned down churches! Many Muslims have made a peaceful impact on the lives of a diverse group of peoples.

What can be done is that we all can spread the word of peace and stop this nightmare called Islamophobia, and end it once and for all. Families will no longer feel scared of being targeted or racially discriminated. And we all can live in this salad bowl of a country where every religion or group of people will be treated with the same respects as others.