Joseph R. California

Animal Cruelty is Terrible

Innocent animals are taken out of their homes and get brutally beaten, tested on, and are thought of as lesser beings why?

Some issues include suffering and just overall sadness.

Animals across the U.S are being abused by crazy individuals and they need you to stop it.So many american's are willing to help this cause and need you to help stop this horrible thing.Animal cruelty is terrible and brutal because animals are taken out of their home and into another area just to get beaten or fight other animals.

Animals need you to make the punishment so much worse than it is now and if you kill an animal it should count as murder because an animal’s life is just as important as a human’s.Just imagine that you are a cat that has an abusive owner. You only get food once a day and get thrown in boiled water. That is an actual case that has happened a few years back just so you know. Help them now by making the sentence at least a 1,000,000 dollar fine for abusing an animal. This way, people will be even more discouraged to do it.

If that wasn’t enough, some animals are tortured even worse by angry people that may need mental help. All of the people have mental issues but please just do something, anything that can fix this. Almost everyone takes this for granted because they are not the one being abused.So many websites will tell you. If you type up animal cruelty I might be willing to bet that animals being tortured is on that website.

There is no counter argument this is just flat out cruel to not pass a law for stopping animal cruelty.Dogs are used for fighting and are abused, drugged, and have to claw another animal to death or else they will be beaten.

Overall, there is no reason to not do this. There should be the same punishments for animal cruelty as murder.

“Dog Fighting” Aspca. N.p., 

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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