Mya C. Wisconsin

Animal Abuse Has To Stop!

Animal abuse is not O.K and something needs to be done about it.

Animal Abuse

Dear Future President,

Animal abuse needs to stop, yet nobody is doing anything about it , therefore it is a big issue that needs to be solved.

People aren’t aware of what is really happening, according to , “there are over 115 million animals world wide that are killed in labratory experiments, those include: mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others.

People also don’t think about how their food gets on their plate: “I have seen pregnant pigs beaten with metal rods. I’ve seen them kicked all over the body. The pigs got beat up so bad, they don’t move. Some people enjoy hurting the animals and should not be there,” says Sharee Santorineos from .

Some people don’t understand that even if people aren’t trying to abuse the animals they still do to get the product to stores. According to : “This year in the United States about nine billion chickens will be dangled upside down on a conveyor belt and slaughtered; when the process doesn’t work properly, the birds are scoled alive.

If nobody does anything about this problem it will only get worse. Next time you are about to eat a yummy fried chicken or a big breakfast with loads of bacon, just think where it came from.