Izabele E. Michigan

Gender Equality Faster-Fixes

Gender Equality needs to progress faster that it is!

Gender Equality 

Dear future President

Gender equality has been a problem for ages. It's been continuing to get solved but the progress has taken it's time and is progressing slowly. I want the battle of genders to completely stop but we all know that will take some time. I'm asking you Mr./Mrs. President (As I have experience of being elected as a student council president) for you to help this all progress faster so we can get closer and closer to ending gender equality faster than what it's taken now. We all know one gender cannot survive without the opposites, yet one is automatically overseen and the over dominate one! How do you solve a conflict between two parties if one of the parties does not believe there is a problem, or only recognizes it as a small issue, while the other party sees a large and continuing problem? Keep that in mind!!

Examples for gender equality is everywhere if you look around! For example, my female friend works the same job as one of her male peers. They work on the same things together and the same amount of hours, yet, her male peer got a higher paycheck every time. She stood up and asked her boss about that and she got fired from her job.

Men and women are over viewed very differently. When men are being assertive they look strong and confident but when women are being assertive they look self-concerned and controlling. Just like men are “supposed” to be doctors and women are "supposed" to be nurses. To be honest, men could be nurses if they wanted to and women could be doctors. Men are “supposed” to be viewed as tall and muscular and women are "supposed" to be petite and thin. That's not true. Just like how boys are “supposed” to play football and girls do volleyball. Girls play football and guys play volleyball.

Some people might like how men are supposed to be the superior. For example a twitter account named "men who believe it's a woman's “Job” to cook and clean for her husband" posted “if you're a woman who does not know how to cook and clean you will never find a husband and your worthless!” Let me just say harsh! But many women with husbands don't know how to cook or clean. They're not worthless they could have jobs elsewhere but they're not worthless! Men can cook and clean and if they don't know how you don't just assume they're worthless. No one's worthless.

Mr./Mrs. President equal pay for equal jobs! You can add a third woman to be your appoint. You can help by doing things to make people equal. Gender equality need to progress to stop faster that how it is right now.