Diana Q. California

Animal Cruelty must stop

There are too many animals dying because of humans. We need to stop this.

Dear Future President,

You might be reading a lot of letters about animal cruelty, but if you see this you should at least make a law about this. My proposition is to give a bigger punishment to the horrible humans who hurt poor creatures for no reason. They should have a bigger fine and more jail time. Right now, the fine is up to $1000 or imprisonment up to 1 year. First degree murder is charged with 30-60 yrs but can we not have the same for Animal Cruelty?

In my opinion, animals are being tortured the same like humans. They get beaten, burned, they neglect them, they kick them, shoot them, Vehicular, Unlawful Trapping/ Hunting, Drowning, hoarding, fighting, stabbing, poisoning, they choke them to death, and hanging. There are even more ways that they get killed!

People who hurt these creatures have reasons to do it. Some people do it for revenge to get back at someone. Men under 30 are more likely to abuse of animals. Women over 60 are more likely to abuse of animals. The most common animals which are abused are usually 70.1% dogs, 20.9% cats, and 24.1% involved other animals.

There are even Organized cruelty. There are many organizations doing cockfighting, dogfighting, and many other types of animal fighting. Then there is Puppy Mill. A Puppy Mill is a large-commercial dog breeding facility where profit is given priority over the well being of dogs. The organization uses the female dogs to breed and to have puppies. Those puppies are used for to sell or for the enjoyment of the internet. After a female dog cannot have puppies anymore, they are usually, killed.

Meat,eggs,milk, is what we usually use for food. Half of the americans think we should let them live free from abuse while they are growing to give us food. But, what we may not know is that things that we eat that are from animals, have been abused while growing. 99% of farm animals are grown in factory farms. Here are some of the animal suffering that happens on those farms. Cages and overcrowding, Physical alterations, like teeth, clipping or tail, without anesthetic, poor air quality or unnatural light patterns, inability to engage in their natural behaviors, neglect of sick or suffering animals, misuse of antibiotics, and rough or abusive handling from workers.

There is also horse slaughter. I cannot accept such thing, that I might be eating this. It is horrible. I read the whole segment and it disgusts me how these poor creatures are being murdered. These people, should pay for what they have done. They should have more than 30 years of prison for this. And, this should mean that if they do this as a business you should be able to take away all of their money they have taken and give it to charity, and to Animal organizations that help animals in need. It was so hard for me to look at this and read it of how they are slaughtered it's the worst feeling in the world. Next president, how would you feel if someone you love or innocent people you know are being slaughtered or killed? Exactly. No one would want to feel something so horrible like that. These animals have done nothing bad to us so we should at least have respect to these animals. Fortunately, they have banned horse slaughter, but there is still cruel people, selfish people who are still doing this. So, we really need to end slaughter of horses.

Please Future next president, I hope you will understand of what i'm trying to say. We really need animal cruelty to stop. I hope you think the same. Also, please think about the punishment.  

Thank You,

Diana Q.

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 6

This class is Ms. Woods's sixth period language arts class.

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