Megan S. Michigan


We need to stop violence in our world

Dear future president,

Everywhere you look there is violence. Our world has so much violence that it’s getting out of hand. As we our people need to learn how to treat people. I'm hoping you can put in some effort to decrease  the violence in our world.

The problem in violence is that it is due to drugs and alcohol. Some examples of violence is physical violence. ¼ women would experience domestic or dating violence in their lifetime.

Also, another example would be sexual violence. Sexual violence is also apart of domestic or dating violence but also there are different types like rape. Rape is pretty common in our world. This goes for child's too.

An effect to violence is that many people are dying due to this. 4,000 women die each year. Nobody should have to die to violence.

A lot of people want to know what others think. Well what some people think is that people cringe when they hear about it. And also many people ask questions like ¨ What is wrong with these people¨?

We need more solutions to violence. For example we need double police force.

There should be more counseling and communities to help people. Also the important thing is that people have to care, when you see it you need to report it.

Violence needs to stop. Many people are dying and nobody is doing anything about it. Nobody should be treated so awful.