hailey Minnesota

President Letter

What I believe about the next president.

November 8, 2016

Dear next Mr. or Madam President,

I believe that the next president should promote various important tactics. For example, be able to handle multiple tasks at once, do what's better for the majority instead of what they themself believe in. The next President needs to recognize and see what's better for this nation..

One situation I believe we strongly believe is a bigger issue than most is abortion. People fight about which side they believe in the most and is more accurate. But, to me, I recommend looking at the circumstances of the situation instead of judging right away. Lots of citizens believe it's an okay procedure to do, and it's the mother's decision what to do with her body and her baby. Lots others believe it’s more than wrong and it’s that person's fault that they got themselves into that situation. But, in some cases, it's not. If a girl at the age of eleven was raped, why have her keep the baby when absolutely none of that was done on purpose? But, of you’re a sixteen year old girl and you get pregnant, you knew what you were getting yourself into from the start. The side I take on this situation is that abortion is reasonable but only in some certain cases. The next President needs to realize where people are coming from when they are in this kind of place.

Another situation I think should be more looked at is racism. Americans face racism every day because of the color of their skin or their type of religion. Stereotypes also have and play a huge role in this. Various people stereotype without even noticing they perform this kind of act everyday or very often. An example of a stereotype in our media today would be the shootings that have currently been happening. A white police officer shot a black unarmed man on the street and explains that it was, “defense.” The next President needs to take this more into consideration and have a logical response to it and what we can do to prevent racism and stereotyping.

My last topic I have a strong suggestion about it cyberbullying. Cyber Bullying is everywhere and takes a big role in depression for lots of people. People thinks it’s funny or fun to watch people be sad. Words hurt and I know plenty of people that have hd major problems with this, it doesn’t stop. I believe that the next President needs to be more aware of this and put bigger notice into it. People have lost their lives to this and if that's not enough to bring more attention to this situation, I don’t know what it's then.

In conclusion, I believe that the next President should meet very high expectations and take in requests citizens have. Nobody wants to watch this beautiful country be torn apart by events that we can change and fix.

Sincerely, Hailey