Giannalisa Minnesota


Our future president should be concerned with keeping everyone in line and out of danger.

Dear future president,

America has some issues right now, some bigger than others but all of them of importance. For me, the most important thing is peace. In America and all other places over the world. Our future president should be concerned with keeping everyone in line and out of danger. Our country has to get rid of racism and terrorism.

All this incidents that we have heard about in the news that have happened in the past, have to stop. The police shouldn’t be shooting a gun if someone has their hands up and race, religion or nationality shouldn’t matter in this situation. Our Declaration of Independence clearly says “all men are created equal” please remember that. Who “takes care” of us and who can we trust if we can’t even trust the police? If we have to be afraid of getting shot? There is another topic related to this whole gun shooting thing. It’s not just the police that shoots their guns without really thinking about it. Even random citizens get involved into shootings more often. Maybe the president can stop this with making the access to guns harder.

Whether you want to hear it or not, but the United States is one of the most influential countries and the future President has to understand the fact that we can’t ignore the world outside our borders.

All the attacks influenced by Isis have been increasing a lot the past few years.To get the world a more peaceful place, we have to stop Isis and get rid of them, that's for sure. But you can’t just fight them without thinking about all the consequences. You have to figure out a way how to fight them without beginning a third World war. I know that it is easier said than done, but you have to communicate with other countries and find a solution to solve this problem.

All in all the US needs a leader who is going to address these problems with moral courage and intelligence.