Sumay Y. Minnesota

Dear Next President

This is a letter about helping the homeless and food waste in America to prevent starvation and to decrease the homeless population. However, I will explain the increasing percentage of the homeless population and the amount of food we waste every year. I hope that the next president will help solve these issues regarding to the homeless and food waste.

Dear Next President,

In American today, the homeless population has increased and tons of food are being wasted every year, that can help feed the starving homeless children and families out there. This is a serious matter that needs to be stopped to help find the homeless a home and to make sure that they are getting enough nutrients and vitamins. Everybody needs to keep their body healthy and we can make that happen with your help. There are many solutions we can do to help prevent the increase of homeless and food waste to feed the hunger.

To start out, we’ve had an increase of the homeless population within just one year. However, that makes me feel sadden that there are more and more people becoming homeless in the U.S and there needs to be a stop. According to the article “Green Doors” it states that, “...there are approximately 643,067 people experiencing homeless in America.” That’s half a million of people in the U.S that are starving, have no home, no place to go and most importantly no love. Within just one year from 2014-2015, there was an increase of 59.6 percent of the homeless population. That’s a lot for just one year. Imagine the increase percentage from years 2015-2016 if we don’t doing anything about the homeless population. More and more people are becoming unhealthy, have no home and are wandering out on the streets in the cold.

Furthermore, America is wasting millions tons of food every single year, that can also help feed the homeless or the ones that are in hunger. It’s been proven that we waste food and America will never consume all of their food and goods that are provided in the U.S. In the article of “Feeding America” it states, “An estimated 25-40% of food grown, processed and transported in the U.S will never be consumed.” Honestly, that percentage is pretty high, and all that food is going nowhere, but to waste. All of that food could’ve fed families and children who are hungry or can’t afford to buy a meal. However, there was a report that we Americans waste food, but don’t care enough to stop wasting food. According to the article of “Bloomberg” Amrith Ramkumar reports that, “Americans say they feel bad about the 130 billion pounds of food (PDF) the nation wastes every year. But not badly enough to do anything about it.” This basically explains that we Americans waste food everyday, but it’s not an important concern to be stopped or we just don’t care enough for anything to be done about food waste. This is a very big issue because all that food is going to waste, but yet many of the homeless are starving in hunger and from that, they become weak, ill and unhealthy.

Lastly, but not least, there are many solutions to these issues regarding to the homeless and food waste. Many things can be done to benefit the homeless and America itself. For the homeless, you as the Next President can provide shelter or home for them because I want the homeless to feel at home like how everyone else does. Not only that but, we can help get donations from others for the homeless and that money will only go towards finding the homeless a home and providing meals to eat. However, about the food waste, food that can’t be consumed but are still able to eat, can be given or donated to homeless shelters to prevent starvation. There can also be people that sell or give fresh grown vegetables and fruits to the less fortunate. Not all issues can be solved, but with your help, we can definitely solve this one.



Grade 10th

West St Paul, Minnesota