Emmagottschalk Minnesota

Dear Future President,

The type of leader I believe would be good for America would have to be a leader that does not hold grudges against people of different religions, races or countries no matter what happen to them in the past. The leader would also have to have ideas that would be best for the country and the ability to try their hardest to follow there ideas as well. Also I would like a leader that could and would stand up to discrimination and help those facing discrimination. A good thing I would like in a leader would have to be one that can take hold of the problems in America. For example Terrorism is a huge problem right now and I don't so much being done about it. I don't think fighting and starting battles with Isis is a good way to handle it, I think the future leader of America should take a more peaceful approach. Debt is also a major problem in America and I would like a leader that could and would find a way to lesion our debt. Know I don't want extremely higher taxes or anything like that, but I know there's got to be some other way to pay of that debt. Sincerely, Emma Gottschalk