Caitlin H. California

Problems With America’s Current Trading System

We need to change this current system or America will become bankrupt and what kind of a future would we have then?

Dear Presidential Candidates,

America’s debt is going further and further down a hole, and we need to fix it soon, or it may be too late. One of the ways we can help is fixing our currently unjust trading system.

The current trading system of America needs to be fixed, and soon, because America is currently facing an economical debt very few nations have had to deal with and America is very blindly putting its trust into other countries that are being unjust within the trading system.

America is currently facing an economical debt very few nations have ever had to deal with because our trading system is not fair, and we are being short changed by the countries we believe are helping us, which we can fix that by sitting down and making fair plains and negotiating with the other countries of how we can make a fair trade each and every time we do business with them. First and foremost, we need to begin making things in America again, so that we don’t only have things for ourselves, but we actually have something to trade. We need to make equal and efficient trades if we are going to fix the system, because otherwise what is the point in having one at all.

America is very blindly putting its trust into other countries that are being unjust within the trading system because we are naively believing that we can trust these countries, when actually they’re getting the money we deserve, and we need to change that by taking a hold of the trading issue and not always being so lenient in letting them overrule us. First we must be fair with the others, as well as, they must be fair with us, or we must have a transparent trading relationship, so that no one feels that the other is abusing their power. Their must also be a fair price for everything, that both countries agree on, so that there is no confusion, and there should also be no forced labour for the goods being traded. The trading system needs to be respected, not spat on, causing a country so fall under such a debt we have faced, it must be honored by both sides of the spectrum.

People may believe that trade is not the issue in our economical debt, but if we had a strong trading system, I guarantee that the debt wouldn’t be near as bad as it is because, even though we have other problems leading to the debt, we might actually have the money to pay it off if our trade was as strong as it should be. Yes, things like an insufficient number of jobs or employees in America also contribute towards the debt, but trade is a major part of it, and the debt would probably be a lot more manageable without it’s issues. No matter what others think though, I stand by my, and many other’s opinion, in how we must fix the rigged trading system.

To conclude, we must make sufficient and fair trade, and need to put our trust into the right places, so that we don’t ever have to face what we’re dealing with now ever again. Our country is counting on the new and just trading system in order to run as it should, as a functional nation. We need to fix it very soon, or America will be much deeper in debt than it already is, and I don’t think we’ll be able to get out after that. 

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Zhebel - English 8

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