Jayden K. California

Gun control

Gun control has always been a pressing matter in the U.S.

You know how the saying goes, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”, but did you know that it was correct. Guns should be a mandatory purchase for the general population because not only are they an essential utensil for protection, but they are also an easy way to help prevent some crimes.

Guns are an essential utensil for protection because they can be quick and are more safe since they can be used at a distance.The main reason for this is comes from a study from 2012 stating that there were over 1.2 million violent crimes, which could have almost all been prevented. Another reason for this belief is that if someone were to attempt to protect them self with a knife, then it would most likely be very unsuccessful because of the knife's short range. In addition to that, almost all guns can carry multiple rounds which would be able to rid the assailant if one missed. The final idea behind this reasoning is that if they use a gun, the the criminal most likely won't be able to get back up from the severe injury or death.

Another great reason for mandatory gun ownership is to help protect others and prevent some crimes from happening because criminals will be more resilient to rob someone who is armed.As was stated in the previous paragraph, guns are an effective way to deal with criminals. According to a study from earlier this year, civilians with guns have prevented at least 283 in the U.S alone. Also, some people may believe that guns are the reason for most of the problems in the U.S, which may be true, but if more citizens had possession of a lethal firearm, then these issues would be more easily avoided. Due to this, hopefully the point has been proven about gun crime prevention and protection.

Some people may say that this is a bad idea because this could lead to criminals with more weapons, which would be horrible.Although this may be true, people already do do some things to prevent this from happening. For instance, some areas that have high gun control usually happen to have the most homicides. In addition to this, guns do help protect people which may counteract the criminals who obtain firearms. 

Overall, guns can be great for the protection of citizens. They can also be used in the prevention of some criminal activity. In addition to that, if there was an increase in gun ownership would most likely result in a decrease in gun related crimes. Hopefully after reading this, you agree with my idea.

Sincerely, Jayden King  

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