Judah S. California

Racism and determination

Kids can are being treated terribly just because of what people think and no real facts. It should not effect everyone.

Dear president,

Have you ever thought what other kids got to as they grew up? All people should be treated equally because it is ruining the lives of some kids that aren’t white and kids are being called cruel stereotypes,most people start doing what the cruel stereotypes say. 

Kids are having their privileges shortened because aren’t white because of this they might not be able to get a job because the boss believes that you can’t work because you aren’t white this can easily be changed by looking past skin color because they can’t get by. The wealth in white household is 13 times the amount of the median for black households. As you can see this evidence shows the difference in what children get to do in white homes and in most black homes they don’t have a fraction of what white homes get. 

One of the main reasons there are a good amount of criminals is because they grow up with rough and cruel stereotypes this can be changed by treating black children like other children. In 1978 Jim Crow started stereotyping black people with racist words and actions kids were called all these racist words so much they started to do what they said. People think that all black people are a bad because there are stats that show that they do worse crimes than white people but they shouldn’t penalize everyone for it.

 There are studies that show kids that get stereotyped more often as a child grow up to do the bad stuff the the stereotypes say. This shows that all children start off good and them getting stereotyped causes them to become bad when the get to adulthood. Overall, kids that are not white get treated worse the white kids and the way they grow up is causing them to live a bad life they should be treated better. Lets hope that this will change.

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