Yechan K. Georgia

Issues On North Korea

We need to have peaceful talks about how to deal with the persisting problems with North Korea.

Dear Future President,

Recently, as of this year, North Korea has been involved in a specific activity dealing with nuclear weapons. This shows that another meeting must commence between China, South Korea, and Japan. This is so we can have peaceful talks about how to effectively deal with persisting problems with North Korea.

Currently, North Korea’s most helpful trade partner is China. However, NK’s recent activities annoyed China and is slowly moving away from being their partner. We could help them make a decision by persuading them to stop trading with them. Then possibly NK’s other trader will follow China’s lead. All of this will at least make it very difficult for NK to try anything because they are dependent on trading. Then they won’t be able to create more weapons of mass destruction and then make them less of a threat.

Both Japan and South Korea can also help ensure the safety of the world. They already promised that if any projectile is launched out from NK to any country, then they would shoot it out of the sky. However, NK is unpredictable, so we must make sure that nothing gets past them. We could help them and us in a way by sending them effective equipment to make sure nothing gets past their defense.

In conclusion, I hope you deal with this possible threat to the world logically, and carry it through without any kind of problem.


Yechan K