Paige E. California

Ghastly Gun Violence

Gun violence is a huge problem that happens all the time, but it needs to be stopped, and there are a few ways to prevent it.

Dear Future President,

Do you care about concerning and dreadful things that happen to many people across the United States? Well if so, an issue that is concerning to people around the world is the matters of gun violence because death can be prevented if guns are used properly and gun shops should pay more attention to who they sell guns to.

If someone buys a gun, they should be taught how to properly use it because some deaths with guns are because the gun is used incorrectly. Sometimes, when a person doesn’t know how to use a gun, they can press the trigger by accident and accidently shoot an innocent person. Unless the buyer of the gun is taught how to properly use the gun, then they should be able to properly aim and not shoot at the wrong person. Also, if there are more guns around, and aren’t locked up and secured, then kids nearby will have easy access to it. That could lead to a misuse of a gun. On average, about 46 people are killed by accident with guns a day (About gun violence). And that’s only the amount of people killed by guns, by accident. Approximately 181 people a day are either killed or escorted to the hospital because of the misuse of guns (About Gun Violence). That’s way too many people killed by guns in a day.

Gun shops should do a thorough background check on the person who they sell the gun to because if not, the gun shop could be selling a gun to a criminal and not know it. A gun is a very useful, but also very dangerous weapon. And if it is given to the wrong person, then tragic events will occur. To prevent this from happening, gun shops should do background checks, very well. This will help the seller of the gun understand who their consumer truly is, make sure that they aren’t going to misuse the gun in any way. This way, the seller could prevent a death or injury from occurring by having all the information they need about their consumer, and not selling a gun to a criminal.

Some people may disagree with having a thorough background check on the consumer of the gun, but without a thorough background check, deaths by guns will become more and more relevant. Without background checks, the seller of a gun might think they are selling a gun to an innocent person, when they could actually be giving it to a criminal, all because they didn't do a thorough background check.Without background checks, gun violence will get worse and worse, quickly. Background checks should be an essential part of buying a gun because every year in America, the amount of people killed has gone up (About Gun Violence). Also, if the consumer of the gun is not properly taught how to use the gun, that could also cause a death or injury towards an innocent person. If the owner of the gun chooses to not learn how to use it, that could lead to the misuse of a gun as well. Overall, if a person is against learning how to properly use a gun and having long, thorough background checks, they should consider the risks that could occur with the gun in the future.

In conclusion, gun violence is a serious thing that occurs everyday all around the world. If there is more caution on who the guns are sold to and the consumer is properly taught how to use the gun, then this will prevent less deaths in the future.

Thank you for reading,

Paige E

“About Gun Violence.” Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Web. 6 Nov. 2016.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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