Trey Poole Louisiana

College Debt

College is a great thing, but I believe its time to lower the cost. Students need to focus on learning more. We can solve this issue with your help.

Dear Next President,

         College is very important in life if you want to have a good job when you get older. College isn't for everyone, but everyone hopes to get the chance to go one day! Many people don't go because of the cost of college, because it is so expensive. For a single student, the cost of college for one year is an average of 10,000 dollars! Can we change this?

          A way we can change this is hard, but we can and it starts with you, the president. College students are more worried about paying off college fees, then having successful grades. We need your help on this issue. We need to lower the cost of college without making it free.

          In conclusion, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to go to college. Not everyone has enough money in their pocket to go to college. We need college students to be focused on learning rather than paying off debt. Education comes first! We need your help on this situation as president. 


Trey Poole

Delta Charter School

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