Natalie H. Wisconsin

Women's Rights

Women are not being treated equally compared to men and that needs to change now.

Women's rights are a huge issue in the United States. Women are not being treated equally, they earn less than men, are not politically involved as much as men, and are told from a young age that they will never be as good as boys.  

Women are getting paid less than men to do the same job. At most jobs and workplaces women are earning less than men to do the same job that they are doing. That needs to change, women and men are doing the same job, same hours and should be paid the same. According to Living History, women are getting paid on average two-thirds to what men are getting paid. That means that women are getting paid $0.66 when men are getting paid $1.00. Women are working just as hard as men, sometimes even harder. 

Women are not involved as much in politics as much as men are. The United States is ranked 75th in the world for the amount of women that serve in politics. Only 19% of representatives in the house are women, 81% are men. That should change, women are just as capable of making political decisions as men. Our 44 presidents that we have had already have all been male, this year is the 1st time that a women has been a presidential nominee of a major political party. That needs to change, it should be just as normal for a women to be president as it is for a man. We shouldn't be focusing on the gender of our leaders, we should be focusing on what they can do for our country. 

Since a young age girls are told that they will never be equal to the boys. The term "like a girl" is used way to much in a negative way. When I was younger my dad would jokingly say "you throw like a girl." After a while I learned to say thank you, we should be treating the term "like a girl" as a compliment instead of an insult. We need to show young girls that they can be just as good as boys instead of putting them down, and telling them they aren't as good. We should be teaching them that they can be faster, stronger, smarter than guys, that they can do anything they put their mind to. 

Men and women should be treated equally, we need to stop discriminating women and start believing that they are equal to men.