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"Why is there no school safety"

We don't have enough officers to protect our school.


Dear President, please know that I took my time on this paper and I hope that you read this. 

We don’t have enough cops to protect our schools and we don’t have enough cops to keep us safe. I would talk to the person holding the gun and try to convince him that he does not have to do this. We should get more cops to protect our schools so we can be safe. It makes me think why don’t they give the schools more officers so we can be safe. This is one of the reasons there are school’s shootings. The problem is that we don’t have enough cops to protect us and then one of us gets hurt. The problem is that School Safety equals barley. Then, when cops come it’s just way too late, and we the people have to wait. Then they come and kids are hurt, and all of them are full of dirt. Then they are kids who are dead like that one kid who tried to stop the bad guy and got shot right in the spot. Then when parents here about their kid they start to burst and then think the worst.

 Experts say that when schools don’t have enough protection some students might bring a weapon and then they will try to shoot someone like their worst enemy or they might point a gun at someone until they get what they want. experts also say that when we don’t have enough cops to protect our school people from the outsides will see that we don’t have enough cops and then they could go and get their bad friends and walk right in the school with weapons and then they could hold hostages or they can even kill someone.

 I remember when one of my friend was in a school hostage situation. They had to be in the classroom for about 4 hours and the guy would not let them leave the class until he got what they wanted then the cops had to figure out a way to stop this guy. Eventually the cops had braked in from the back and they arrested the guy and then after that school hostage situation they had got about 2 or 3 cops in the building. this is the type of stuff we need to protect the students at school.

Thank you for reading my paper Mr. or Ms. President. I know that School safety is a serious thing that your working on thank you for caring for our country.



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