kevin Michigan

Gun Control In The United States

Gun control in the United States Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, Thank you for taking time out of your busy life and schedule to read my letter; I hope you find this letter helpful and or useful. My letter to the next president is about gun control in the United States. I want to show that guns do kill people, but it's the person who makes the gun kill somebody, not the gun itself. Guns can't just get up on their own and shoot somebody. This is my thinking. First: If you put a gun down on a table and say “shoot somebody” it won't because it physically can't. I do encourage very little gun control, but not to where our guns are restricted. Second: the Second Amendment is The Right To Bear arms. Which gives us the right to own guns and buy them without a felony. I don't think you would want to take down an amendment that our founding brothers wrote. Third: you would be taking away our right hunt as Americans. There are hundreds of Americans who hunt with firearms within the United States. Fourth: gun control WILL NOT APPLY TO CRIMINALS. It does not matter how many laws you put on gun control it will not affect a criminal's state of mind. Sincerely, Kevin