Kelsea L. Iowa

healthcare for all

providing healthcare for everyone in the united states.

Dear Future President, we should provide full healthcare for all American citizens. Why? Because all of us have different problems that most of our healthcare providers do not provide. My name is Kelsea La-Vassaur and this important to me, because my family struggles with health care. Most people make enough money so the government takes out more money for taxes.

The more they make the more they take out for taxes which goes to state; for libraries, roads, healthcare for senior citizen, also social security ( known as FICA). Although the government pays for our health care not everybody gets full coverage. In 2004 thirty-three million people which is 10.4 percent of the United States did not have health insurance.

In 2015 the American people will spend approximately 3.2 trillion dollars on health care Future president there are abundant of reasons and solutions to this problem some examples of solutions would be: provide full healthcare for everyone, do not raise the cost of the healthcare.The average family of four spends about $20,728 per year on healthcare.If everyone had health care then more people could work which would be more money for the government and that makes department of treasury happy and then the United States is happy. You should make the world a better place for everyone.

Sincerely ,Kelsea La-Vassaur