Olivia K. Pennsylvania

Gun Violence

Gun violence needs to stop.

Dear next president,

Just imagine a family member got shot by a gun. That would be awful. Many families have died from people playing around with guns. It's totally unfair. “Over 18,000 children and teens are injured by guns.” (Source: Brady Center). And that is still only kids and teens! This really needs to stop! 2 FACTS ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE: There are more than 300 million guns in the US. Keep in mind I wrote MORE THAN. “Gun death rates are 7 times higher in the states with the highest compared with the lowest household gun center” (Source: Brady Center). If you have a child or teen, and a kid or teen on your block gets injured or even killed by a gun, you will be concerned for your own children, and that they will get killed or injured by some random dummy, playing with a gun. You shouldn’t have to worry about that kind of stuff. This is an important issue for me personally because as a S.L.A.M.S student I should be able to go outside without thinking i am going to run into this random guy pointing a gun right at my face. NO kid, and i mean NO kid, should have to feel like that. Know that somewhere out there, someone is suffering from the loss of a family member not being there for them. I need YOU to help with that. There SHOULD be less guns in America.